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HT ITALIA VEGA 78 Power quality analyzer

Thanks to an innovative development, the instrument VEGA78 power quality analyzer and energy logger allow carrying out analysis and tests on single-phase and  three-phase electric systems with and without neutral. The instrument display in real time the values of all fundamental electric quantities which characterize the electric system being tested (voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, etc.), showing the waveforms of voltages and currents. VEGA78 is used for testing and analysing the quality of the electric service provided by the Electric Power Supplier, for analysing single-phase and three-phase electric users such as offices and industries, when diagnosing voltage anomalies by taking advantage of the possibility of recording electric quantities. The instrument also allows evaluating the harmonic content introduced by non-linear loads such as computers, TV sets, controlled electric motors, etc. which can cause the RCD’s tripping or a neutral overheating. The instrument are supplied with the PC management software, which further expands the analysis possibilities of the data acquired.






Video tutorial


  • TRMS P-N, P-P, P-PE voltage measures (5 inputs)
  • TRMS current on phases and neutral (4inputs)
  • Active, reactive and apparent powers measures
  • Active, reactive and apparent energies measures
  • Power factors measure
  • Frequency measure
  • Max 251 selected parameters at the same time
  • Integrated period selectable from 1s to 60min
  • Harmonic analysis of voltage and current up to 49th component
  • Voltage anomalies (sags, swells) with 10ms resolution
  • Numerical and graphical (waveforms) visualization
  • Histogram visualization of harmonic analysis
  • Vectorial diagram of voltages and currents
  • Voltage unbalance
  • Predefined recordings of parameters
  • TFT colour display with “touch screen”
  • 15Mbytes internal memory for recordings saving
  • Using of external compact flash and USB pen drives
  • USB interface for PC connection
  • Windows software for recordings analysis
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery and external AC/D adapter
  • Contextual help selectable on each screen
  • Virtual keyboard at display

TopView software


In the management of Pqa analyzers (PQA82x / VEGA78) software allows the following operations: √ Creating a professional report on the quality of electricity service (according to EN50160)


√ Analysis of energy consumption for different time slot


√ Creating custom printing reports can also be exported in XLS and PDF.


√ Set the instrument (type of system, recording parameters, etc …)


√ Online display of measured by the instrument (numerical values​​, waveforms, histograms, sampling instant saving)


√ Start / Stop recording


√ Transfer the data from the instrument to the PC via USB and accurate analysis of the data analysis programmed on the same views on whether numerical / tabular both graphical.

  • KIT800 : Set of 5 cables + 5 alligator clips
  • HTFLEX33D : Flexible clamp 3000A AC, diameter 174mm, 4 pcs
  • A0055 : External adapter AC/DC recharging battery
  • YABAT0003HT0 : Li-ION rechargeable battery
  • PT400 : Touch pen
  • TOPVIEW2007 : Windows software + USB cable C2007
  • BORSA2051N : Soft carrying bag
  • User manual on CD-ROM
  • Quick reference guide
  • ISO9000 calibration certificate
  • HT4005N : Rigid clamp 5-100A AC, diameter 20mm
  • HT96U : Rigid clamp 1-100-1000A AC, diameter 54mm
  • HT97U : Rigid clamp 10-100-1000A AC, diameter 54mm
  • HP30C2 : Rigid clamp 200-2000A AC, diameter 70mm
  • HP30C3 : Rigid clamp 3000A AC, diameter 70mm
  • HT98U : Rigid clamp 1000A DC, diameter 50mm
  • HT903 : Accessory for connection to external CTs
  • CF800 : Compact Flash card
  • MCR800 : Compact Flash card reader
  • A0056 : External adapter 110V AC 50-60Hz/12VDC
  • SP-0400 : Set of straps for use of meter on neck
  • 606-IECN : Connector with magnetic test lead

EMC 2004/108/CE Directive
IEC/EN61000-4-30 Class B
LVD 2006/95/CE Directive

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