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Life Saving Kit for low voltage and medium voltage switch room(Work Italia)


Rescue Rod:Insulating rod made in resin reinforced by fiberglass.It has a steel hook covered by plastic material.Length 2m Voltage 63kV

Visual & Acoustic Voltage Detector for Mv: Electronic voltage detector used to detect the operative voltage presence or absence.Suitable to be used in wet conditions,indoors and outdoors.It has double indications of operative voltage presence:intermittent acoustic and flashing of 2 red light sources and 2 green light sources.The operative voltage absence is indicated by the permanence in active of 2 active of 2 green light sources with 2 red light sources out.It comes complete with Built in self control check to verify before use of the voltage detector.

Smelling Salts

Dielectric Cutter:The handles made of a fiberglass insulating tube (the same used for hot sticks).The tube is tested in the factory at 20000 Volts.The cutter is designed to cut aluminium  and copper wires up to 20-mm diameter.Its made from chrome vanadium tempered steel length 480 mm .The handles are complete with hand guards and closing caps at the bottom.


Dielectric Gloves:Insulating gloves in special latex.Para rubber colour.Individually checked and tested at the voltage corresponding to the class indicate.Complete with carry case.

Dielectric Boots:Professional dielectric boots made from rubber, completely lined by heavy cotton,brown in colour.They are manufactured according to EN 347, with a working voltage of 10000V,height-28cm.

Insulating Boots for Indoor Use: Anti slip platform made of fibre glass resin reinforced.Size 500 x 500 x 4mm with 4 insulating plastic legs,screw in connection.Legs are inclined making a plane 560 x 560 mm so that to prevent the board tilting.

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