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PQA824 Power Quality Analyzer

The power quality analyzer HT PQA824 model permits an easy and wide fast analysis of a huge quantity of data any other system. Thanks to an innovative design and a graphic colour TFT “touch screen” wide display these models finally meet all requests from any exigent electrical verifier. The interface it’s incredible “user-friendly” due to the intuitive icon selection of any kind of feature and a contextual help it’s available for each screen. Each internal parameter it’s easy to reach for effect of  typical Windows tree structure.
The model permits the visualization of all parameters both in numeric and graphical mode with large use of waveforms and histograms (for harmonic analysis) screens. The vectorial diagram feature permit also to evaluate the mutual phase angle between voltages and current in order to understand the nature inductive or capacitive of the loads on an installation.
The power quality analyzer HT PQA824 have a great internal memory in order to save recording results for a lot of parameters (e.g: >3 weeks for 251 parameters and integrated period of 15 minutes), but this memory can be expanded by using of external compact flash cards fitted on meters. Pen drives USB connection it’s also available in order to transfer recordings from meter and realize a practical and sure portable situation of all date. PQA824 meter are powered by a internal rechargeable Li-Ion battery which permits complete operation for more than 3 hours and are external supplied by using a 100/240V AC adaptor. USB interface permits the connection with PC for download and analysis of recordings with dedicated TOPVIEW Windows software
The power quality analyzer HT PQA824 model also permits detection of fast voltage transients (spikes) with a minimum resolution of 5us (200kHz) with setting of different trigger thresholds very useful on troubleshooting problems on industrial installations (monitoring atmospheric discharging, analysis of switching problems, frequency noise, etc..).


  • TRMS voltage measures (5 inputs)
  • TRMS current on phases and neutral (4 inputs)
  • Active, reactive and apparent powers measures
  • Active, reactive and apparent energies measures
  • Power factors measure
  • Frequency measure
  • Max 251 selected parameters at the same time
  • Integrated period selectable from 1s to 60min
  • Harmonic analysis of voltage and current up to 49th component
  • Voltage anomalies (sags, swells) with 10ms resolution
  • Numerical and graphical (waveforms) visualization
  • Histogram visualization of harmonic analysis
  • Vectorial diagram of voltages and currents
  • Flicker analysis (Pst, Plt) in compliance to EN50160
  • Voltage unbalance in compliance to EN50160
  • Inrush currents measures
  • Fast voltage transients with 5µs resolution
  • Predefined and customized recordings configurations
  • TFT colour display with “touch screen”
  • 15Mbytes internal memory for recordings saving
  • Using of external compact flash and USB pen drives
  • USB interface for PC connection
  • Windows software for recordings analysis
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery and external AC/D adapter
  • Contextual help selectable on each screen
  • Virtual keyboard at display

Easy System Configuration

4-wire, 3-wire, single-phase ARON

STD or FLEX Clamps

Frequency System

Interfacing with Voltage transformers (TV)

EN50160 Analysis

Display in graphical and tabular form
analysis of the quality of the electricity service in accordance with EN50160.

Real-Time Measurements

Waveforms of voltages / currents


Vector diagram


Power / Energy Active, reactive and apparent


Power factor and Cosphi


Harmonic voltage / current up to the 49th



Voltages unbalance


Energy Consumption

Total active energy consumed during the recording

Max peak active power

Date and time recorded at the peak of power

Date of start and stop recording

Record Time

Display of the recorded power

Recording parameters

Voltage dips and peaks

Vrms / Irms and Power / Energy

Harmonics and THD%

Cosphi and Power Factor




inrush currents

Fast transients (spikes 5us)

Flicker measurement

Pst = Severity of Flicker short term calculated in an interval of 10 minutes.

Plt = Severity of Flicker long term calculated from a sequence of 12 values ​​of Pst on an interval of two hours.


Inrush current

The power quality analyzer HT PQA824 is able to perform measurements and recordings of inrush currents with a minimum resolution of 10ms which is possible to obtain both numerical and graphical representations. The values ​​obtained are:

1000 events

Phase L1, L2, L3 in which the event occurred

Date / Time at which the event occurred

Maximum value reached by the current


Fast transients (Spikes)

The model PQA824 high sampling frequency allows you to perform the detection of fast voltage transients (spikes) with a resolution of at least 5μs (200kHz) and store them all in a full report of:

Number of stage on which occurred the spike

Date and time at which it occurred spike

Type Up or Down

Speed of the phenomenon Fast or Slow


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