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SATIR NV618W (La Moon)

NV618W will provide a wide angle view of the road, and at a further distance than normal headlights. High resolution image provides clear indication of the road layout and hazards which ae approaching the vehicle. Improving awareness so the driver can react to the conditions.

  • Ability to see clearly at night
  • Wirelessly connect between the camera and the tablet
  • Driver assistance during poor weather conditions
  • Unaffected by oncoming headlight glare
  • Pedestrian detection
  • Convenient Installation
  • Great System Integration

NV618 La Moon Automotive Assistance video


FOV 28×21
Detector Resolution 384×288
Packaging Standard IP65
Screen Size 7 inches
Screen Resolution 1024×600
System Android 4.0
Battery type Rechargable lithium-ion battery
External power supply DC10-30V
Car charger Standard configuration


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