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 March 28, 2017 – Pentair announces the introduction of ERIFLEX FLEXIBAR ADVANCED, a new flexible busbar conductor that improves the safety of electrical installations. The ERIFLEX FLEXIBAR ADVANCED features new insulation on its flexible busbar that reduces the quantity of toxic smoke, the emission of corrosive fumes and the opacity of smoke in the case of a fire.

The ERIFLEX FLEXIBAR ADVANCED’s unique, industry-leading insulation material is the result of years of dedicated research to discover a material that is low smoke, halogen-free and flame retardant all while maintaining the level of flexibility that customers expect from ERIFLEX FLEXIBAR. These key features mean increased safety for individuals, less damage on electrical equipment and less environmental impact through:

  • Producing a relatively low smoke opacity in accordance with ISO 5659-2
  • Improving visibility conditions in a fire, allowing for easier identification of emergency exits and clearer conditions for rescue works when assessing and handling an emergency situation
  • Minimizing toxicity by not containing any halogens in accordance to IEC 60754-1
  • Limiting quantity of smoke that is less damaging to your electrical power conduction
  • Meeting safety standards according to UL 94-VO, which includes flame retardant benefits such as being self-extinguishing and reducing the risk of the spread of fire                                          For further information please contact RFE (Reg Farrell Engineering Limited)  at sales@rfe.ie or Telephone (01) 4659010 (see data sheet below)

Flexibale Busbar Data Sheet

April 24th, 2017

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