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100MF 450V CAPACITOR mm60

For use in running single-phase asynchronous motors and in all general a.c. applications at 50/60Hz, ITALFARAD proposes a range of self-healing capacitors, manufactured using a self-extinguishing plastic case filled with resin. This range gives very good electrical reliability together with high mechanical resistance to shock and vibration.

All ITALFARAD motor capacitors have VDE and ASEV approvals in accordance with European Standard EN 60252.

We show below the life rating of the operating classes :

Class D = 1000 hours
Class C = 3000 hours
Class B = 10000 hours
Class A = 30000 hours

25 = -25°C minimum working temperature
085 = +85°C maximum working temperature
21 = duration (days) of the humidity test.
RPN = capacitors with fast-on terminals


Technical Characteristics


Self-healing metallised polypropylene

Case and cover

Flame retardant plastic material
 Fixing M8 fixing stud (on request)

6.3×0.8 mm single or double  Fast-on terminals,

Double insulated cable or two single core PVC covered (90°C rating) 2×0.75 sqmm leads

Approvals CEI EN 60252, UL/ULc
Climatic category 25/085/21
Rated voltage

450 Vac C 25/085/21 (1÷40 µF)
450 Vac C 25/070/21 (45÷80 µF)
400 Vac B 25/085/21 (1÷80 µF)

 Capacitance tolerance

± 5%, -2+8%
Rated frequency 50÷60 Hz
Max working voltage 1,1 Un at 50 Hz
Test voltage between terminals 2 Un for 2 sec. 50 Hz
Test voltage between terminals and case 2000 Vac for 2 sec
 dV/dt 20 V/µS

= 15 x 10 -4 (Un and 50 Hz)

Class of safety protection  P0


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