6100 High Pressure Blower Door System

6100 High Pressure Blower Door System



High Powered Blower Door System

All the features of a Model 5100 but double the power.

This system will test a wide range of enclosures, from super leaky to super tight.  This high output fan includes 6 standard + 3 optional low flow ranges to provide accurate results over the widest range of enclosure volumes.  All Retrotec fans are made with extremely durable space-age hard plastic, which makes them both lightweight and tough.

Who uses it?

  • Energy Auditors, HVAC Contractors, Building Contractors & Remodelers, Home Inspectors

Why Buy This Model?

  • The added power increases the range of test pressures that can be created without changing ranges mid test.
  • The stability of control reduces the fan’s response to wind and holds the test pressure more constant, making tests faster and more accurate.
  • New guide fins over the flow sensors decrease sensitivity to wind by 75%.
  • System accessory and fan cases are included.


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