6120F – Fire System Hard Panel Blower Door System

6120F – Fire System Hard Panel Blower Door System



6120F – Hard Panel High Pressure
Blower Door System

Model 6120F with Hard Panel and DM32 WiFi does the same job as the 6100F, but with the added benefit of Modular Panels which are quick to setup and look very professional.

Includes fan case, tool case plus a large aluminum frame and cloth panel for tight enclosures.

Why Retrotec for Enclosure Integrity?

All Retrotec systems include tech support from Retrotec who originated the idea of Enclosure Integrity testing in 1984. They promoted it within NFPA and in 1986 wrote the first Enclosure Integrity standard. Retrotec has been the lead researcher for enclosure testing ever since.  Every major clean agent system manufacturer worldwide relies on Retrotec’s expertise for both hold time and peak pressure predictions.


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