Belt Misalignment Switches SLS

Belt Misalignment Switches SLS

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Belt Misalignment Switches SLS

KIEPE belt misalignment switches of type SLS are designed for heavy duty application and used at fixed belt conveyors according to DIN EN 620 requirements in order to keep the risk of unintentional operation as low as possible. The lateral movement of the conveyor belt is monitored and by switching off the conveyor in the case of unacceptable belt drift, the belt monitoring prevents damage and destruction of the belt and the machine.

The Kiepe misalignment switch type SLS complies with the Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU. It features a robust glasfibre plastic enclosure (bulk molded compound) and is equipped with 2 force actuated changeover contacts with snap-action function with two adjustable switching points.

Note: The misalignment switch may only be used in control circuits



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Belt Misalignment Switches SLS Data Sheet