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BOPLA Botega electronic enclosure

BOTEGO, BOPLA┬┤s enclosure system, sets new standards in enclosure technology. Thanks to its design, the enclosure, consisting of two plastic half-shells, can be inserted either horizontally or vertically. Extension sets permit optimal adaptation to the relevant space requirements. The ergonomically shaped operating front permits user-friendly operation of the equipment.

In order to achieve natural convection everywhere in the enclosure, the system was developed in such a way that sections with air vents can be mounted directly over each other or also staggered. The snap-lock technology, which considerably reduces the amount of mounting time and work needed, is a new technological development.

With BOTEGO, every user can create his or her own individual design. Different design elements and caps in 6 different colours can modify the basic neutral enclosure to create an individual touch.All the elements which vary the design are available ex works.

For enclosure surface designs, BOPLA offers both standard decor foils and customer-specific foils-shape, colour or embossing can be selected individually. Any 19″ mounting rack can be fitted in the enclosure with a minimum of additional effort





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