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BOPLA Euromas 2 electronic enclosure

Electronic and terminal enclosure in high-quality plastic (ABS or PC)

Four flat versions round off this innovative and successful IP 65 enclosure line.

Made from either high-quality polycarbonate or lower-priced ABS, this enclosure line offers a wide range of benefits owing to its simple screw-mounting system and the additional mounting bosses in the base.

The versions with a recessed membrane keypad area ( -F ) and / or PCB-plug-in slots ( -LP / FLP ) ar ideal for use as electronic enclosures. This enclosure is easy to recycle as there are no moulded-in metal parts.

The Euroflat line
In addition to the mounting bosses, a PCB can be clamp-fittet between the upper and lower sections. More space is available because there are no bosses for terminal blocks. Some come with mounting bosses for Eurocard 100 x 160 mm and 100 x 220 mm in the lower section.

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