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BOPLA Reglocard electronic enclosure

Universal control enclosure in a trendsetting design

The wide range of items in this wall enclosure system for use in measurement and control applications is available in 8 basic sizes, each with 6 different designs. To permit the insertion of mounting plates and PCBs, all designs have vertical and horizontal grooves, which ensure optimal unit assembly.

The terminal compartment can be separated from the actual electronics area by means of integrated grooves which separating plates. In addition, extra protection is possible by using lead seals in the standard through holes. As required, the enclosure ca be mounted on the wall (with the terminal compartment upwards or downwards) by means of the integrated three-point wall fitting. Depending on the design, the enclosures are fitted with PG rated knock outs (model RCP…(F) ) or metric rated knock outs (model RCPM…(F)). For minimum order quantities of 500+, the front of the terminal compartment can also be supplied without pre-punching


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