Cadweld Weldmetal and Accessories

Cadweld Weldmetal and Accessories

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Cadweld Weldmetal and Accessories

Cadweld Weldmetal and Accessories.

nVent ERICO Cadweld Exothermically Welded Connections are specified and installed across the world – more than 100 million times to-date. In every industry, specifiers, engineers, installers and contractors trust Cadweld to provide electrically superior connections that will never loosen, break or corrode in most environments.

When you combine Cadweld with our other trusted grounding and bonding products (ground rods, busbars, connectors, GEM, and more), you are specifying and installing the most trusted, complete grounding and bonding systems in the world – ready to meet any demand.

nVent ERICO Cadweld systems give you benefits over other connection types, too. Weighs less and takes up less space compared to the tools and materials needed for mechanical connections. And, when a mechanical connection is ready to be replaced or repaired due to loosening or corrosion, our bonds are still going strong.

Build your connection with Cadweld today: select your connection mold type, welding material and ignition system, and then round it out with trusted tools and accessories. Questions along the way? Our team is ready to help – contact us with questions or custom mold and connection needs.

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Cadweld Mold Sealer, Cadweld Plus Igniter, L160 Handle Frame, Scraper Tool, Tool Cleaning Kit, Weldmetal 115 Plus F20, Weldmetal 150 Plus F20, Weldmetal 200 Plus F20, Weldmetal 90 Plus F20


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