CBD Screw Clamp Feed Through Terminal Block (Beige)

CBD Screw Clamp Feed Through Terminal Block (Beige)

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CBD Screw Clamp Feed Through Terminal Block (Beige)

• Behaviour in flame UL94V-0
• Universal mounting on PR/DIN and PR/3 rails in accordance with IEC 60715 standard
• Maximum continual operating temperature 130°C

The CBD Series comprises eight sizes, distinguished by:
• Very small space occupied
• Large connecting capacity
• Effective current capacity higher than established reference values
• Very low contact resistance of the connection
• Materials of excellent quality and, consequently, maximum reliability over time
• Great practicality of use

Cabur has always designated each product mainly with a Code, distinguished by a part in letters (generally 3) and a number, with an interposed dot. This number defines the rated cross-section of the terminal in question; which as laid down in the reference. Standard is “the figure, expressed in mm², corresponding to the section of the connectable conductor, declared by the Manufacturer, to which the thermal, mechanical and electrical parameters of the product are referred”.

The field of use of the terminal block is however much wider and is defined by its connecting capacity, that is the range of sections of conductors, both rigid and flexible, minimum and maximum, that the terminal block is capable of connecting, in full observance of all the parameters laid down in the reference Standards. In the table provided below, in fact, the “classic” code of each terminal block has been supplemented with the addition, after the existing number, which still indicates the nominal size, of a second numeric value (in reduced character size and in red, separated from the first by a/) which represents the size, in mm2, of the maximum flexible conductor effectively connectable to the terminal block. In the event of use of rigid conductors (with single wire or corded) it is necessary to check also what is stated in the technical specifications of each product, under the item “connecting capacity”, because in many cases the size of the maximum rigid conductor connectable is even larger.

Considering precisely the confirmed large connecting capacity, some sizes of the CBD Series have been reconsidered; without changing the eight sizes of the Series, the previous CBD.25 and CBD.35 models have been revised and, after the appropriate actions and all the consequent tests, restated respectively as CBD.35 and CBD.50; this latter size, not considered in the past in the range of Cabur terminal blocks, is instead widely used.

CBD Screw Clamp Feed Through Terminal Block (Beige)

Additional information

Dimensions N/A

2, 4, 6, 10, 16, 35, 50, 70

CBD Part

Terminal, End Section, Common Bar, Shunt/Screw, End Bracket BTU, End Bracket BT3, Test Plug Socket, Test Plug


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CBD Screw Clamp Feed Through Terminal Block CBD 2, CBD 4, CBD 6


CBD Screw Clamp Feed Through Terminal Block CBD 10, CBD 16, CBD 35


CBD Screw Clamp Feed Through Terminal Block CBD 50, CBD 70