Combo Suspension/Hanging Box

Combo Suspension/Hanging Box

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Combo Suspension/Hanging Box

The Combo Suspension/Hanging Box with multiple connections offers a high level of agility in assembly lines and industrial automation systems. Its vertical movement ensures more mobility with multiple connections for equipment. The combo boxes can be configured in different ways with standard IP54, IP44 and/or IP65 plugs to connect large industrial machines.

Combo Suspension/Hanging boxes are innovation for the industry – Take your connections anywhere!

Made of technopolymer, the Combo Boxes allow the configuration of plug connection systems with great agility and safety.

Optimized solutions for production lines and automated systems.

  • Possibility of mounting with IP44 and IP65 sockets
  • Top plate with hole for M20 and markings for M25 and M32
  • Stainless steel fasteners and supporting wire
  • Metal fitting for compressed air connector
  • IP44- rated blind version and IP65-rated recessed version
  • M20 cable gland
  • Recommended cable 3G2.5
  • Standard IEC 61439-3



Hanging Box Technical Data Sheet