DCB Starter MCB Lockout/Tagout Kit

DCB Starter MCB Lockout/Tagout Kit

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DCB Starter MCB Lockout/Tagout Kit

This circuit breaker/isolator lockout kit is aimed at the domestic electrician who regularly works on various applications where power is isolated via circuit breakers or electrical isolators.

All supplied as a kit in a strong canvas bag which can be worn around the waist allowing contents to be carried at all times.

DCB Starter MCB Lockout/Tagout Kit Contents:


  • 6 different types of breaker lockout, models CB05, CB09, CB12, CB13, CB16 & UCL1 which cover the majority of domestic applications, usually breakers up to 63 amp.
  • 1 x MLH1 multiple lockout device to allow more than 1 padlock to be applied at any point of isolation
  • 1 x TT38RED labelled individual padlock
  • Pack of LSE10T “Do Not Operate” tags
  • Marker pen for clear lockout identification



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