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Dm32 digital wifi gauge for blower door systems

The dm32w digital wifi gauge for blower door systems  is a dual channel touchscreen wireless manometer (differential pressure gauge) for Blower Door and DucTester operation.  It’s small, lightweight, and exceptionally intuitive to use.  It can be controlled with a computer (MS Windows only) or any Android or iOS smart device. DM32 WiFi can be connected via WiFi, Ethernet, or USB.  Ethernet cables of 100 m / 328 ft segments can be used, offering an unlimited distance of reliable control, without the need for pressure tube extensions.

Included with the DM32 WiFi is a package of analytical software, developed exclusively for the DM32 WiFi, to equip testers with the most comprehensive tools available to collect, export, and evaluate air leakage testing results

New DM32 WiFi features developed in the future can be updated easily onto the gauge from the internet.




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