Electronic Speed Monitoring – Speed Monitor SWE-compact

Electronic Speed Monitoring – Speed Monitor SWE-compact


The electronic rotational speed monitor SWE-compact comprises constructively the opto-electronic pulse transducer, the speed analyzing relay and the power supply in one unit. By this compact form of construction, the connecting wires between the pulse transducer and the analyzing relay which are susceptible to interference’s considering the usual electronic speed monitoring systems, are eliminated. Only the supply voltage as well as the cables for the voltage-free output relay contacts need to be connected to the SWE-compact. Electronic rotational monitoring of underspeed, control of slip, stand-still monitoring.

Power supply

    • AC 230V
    • DC 115 V
    • DC 24V

Pulses per Revolution

    • SWE001: 1 Imp./rev – Speed range:  40..600/min.
    • SWE005: 5 Imp./rev – Speed range:   8..120/min.
    • SWE010: 10 Imp./rev – Speed range: 4-60/min.
    • SWE025: 25 Imp./rev – Speed range:  1,6-24/min


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Electronic Speed Monitoring - Speed Monitor SWE-compact Data Sheet