Electronic Speed Monitoring – Speedmonitor EOG/DK

Electronic Speed Monitoring – Speedmonitor EOG/DK

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Electronic Speed Monitoring – Speedmonitor EOG/DK

Operation of Pulse Transducers, type DK and EOG, is contactless. 1 or 5 pulses/revolution can be generated from the DK device. The Pulse Transducers of type EOG generate 1, 5, 10 or 25 pulses/revolution. The transducer’s shaft has to be coupled to the shaft of the monitored drive. The use of the DK/EOG Pulse Transducers is recommended in all cases where it is impossible either to install pulse discs or to utilized other rotating machine parts for pulse generating purposes. The Pulse Transducer DK contains an inductive slot initiator, which is energized by a pulse disc with 1 or 5 targets.

The correct operation of the Kiepe Pulse Transducer EOG is only guaranteed in conjunction with Kiepe Electronic Speed Monitors EDO and JMNC. The opto-electronic transducer produces extremely step-front pulses. The high accuracy of the pulse disc guarantees exact spacing, even when 25 pulses/revolution are generated. Depending on the selection made, the transducers can produce from 1 to 25 pulses per revolution of the shaft. The use of this opto-electronic transducer is recommended, if high accuracy at the switching point of the speed control system is required.

The opto-electronic Transducer EOG 025 is especially designed to monitor drives at standstill. The transducer’s voltage feed is supplied by the Kiepe Speed Monitor. Therefore, the Transducers EOG require a 3-core connecting cable (e.g. 3 x 2,5 mm2). Combined with the Kiepe Belt Drive type B, a direct control of the conveyor belt run is obtained. A reliable slip control prevents the conveyor belt from being damaged

Electronic Speed Monitoring – Speedmonitor EOG/DK


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Electronic Speed Monitoring - Speedmonitor EOG/DK Data Sheet