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ERICO® ERICONTACT Double Rail Contact

The ERICO® ERICONTACT series of rail contacts provides a superior quality connection to the rail web with a very low contact resistance. The contacts are quickly and easily fitted by means of an insertion tool, regardless of weather conditions. All ERICO® ERICONTACT components are manufactured according to high standards and norms. Tested to the most demanding requirements of the Rail Industry Standards, ERICO® ERICONTACT is the ideal solution for mechanically applied connections such as signal engineering, earthing (grounding), or traction return current.

The ERICO® ERICONTACT Double Rail Contact series offers connections on both sides of the rail web. This is a significant advantage when making interconnections in the station area, for example. The ERICO® ERICONTACT Double Contact is ideal solution in confined spaces. With a clearance of only 50 mm between the rail heads, the ERICO® ERICONTACT can still be inserted and the cable lug connected from both sides.


  • Easy to install
  • Very low contact resistance (< 5 μΩ)
  • Same electrical resistance on the two sides of the contact
  • The contact surface of the two copper bushes is made inside the rail



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