ESCT-T24 Split Core Current Transformers

ESCT-T24 Split Core Current Transformers


The Eastron ESCT-T series of split core current transformers are designed for fast and easy installation. The split core deign permits non-contact current measurements through magnetic field induction without requiring that the primary wire be taken off line and disconnected for CT installation. This method permits a safer easy and portable current measurement. An internal precision burden resistor across the secondary winding of the CT provides a safe low voltage output and permits safe opening of the secondary circuit.

  • Single phase split core CT
  • 100A to 300A range
  • Complete with 2m flying lead
  • 24mm aperture
  • ESCT-T24 – 100/1A
  • ESCT-T24 – 150/1A
  • ESCT-T24 – 200/1A
  • ESCT-T24 – 250/1A
  • ESCT-T24 – 300/1A
  • ESCT-T24 – 100/5A
  • ESCT-T24 – 150/5A
  • ESCT-T24 – 200/5A
  • ESCT-T24 – 250/5A
  • ESCT-T24 – 300/5A



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