ETI FLBS Accessories

ETI FLBS Accessories



CLBS are manually operated and modular multipolar load break switches in range 16A-125A. They make and break under
load conditions and provide safety isolation for any low voltage circuit, particularly for machine control circuits. Through
the use of accessories, CLBS can be transformed into multipolar load break or 3/4 pole changeover switches. CLBS change
over switches provide on load changeover switching between two sources or two low voltage power circuits, as well as their
safety isolation. CLBS switches have been designed, qualified and tested according to the criteria defined by standard IEC

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Auxiliary Contact (NC) For Switchfuse FLBS 125-630A, Auxiliary Contact (NO) For Switchfuse FLBS 125-630A, Door Interlocked Handle for Switch Fuse 630A 3P, Shaft For Door Interlocked Handle For FLBS EH 630A, Terminal Shroud for FLBS 125-160A (single unit), Terminal Shroud for FLBS 250A (single unit), Terminal Shroud for FLBS 630A (single unit)


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