EV charging cable Ex9EVC1 T2 32A

EV charging cable Ex9EVC1 T2 32A



EV charging cable Ex9EVC is a mobile solution for charging your EV (electric vehicle). It can be used as a complementary charger or replace the main charger if you don‘t want to have a wall-box installed in your facility. All you need is a grid plug. Charging current can be set before start charging so you can configure charging time and control the energy consumption. Charging cables provide all necessary protection as temperature, overvoltage and under voltage monitoring, checking the ground and neutral wires connection and electronic status before starting charging. The battery of EV is working on DC principle and it can occur a DC current leakage. The integrated B type RCCB is able to detect leakages in DC, AC and pulsating current in a high frequency. All versions of cable chargers Ex9EVC are provided in 5 m length with one of the two most common plugs at the EV connection side – Type 1 and Type 2. Grid plug is depended on a number of phases and maximal charging current.


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