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Field Verification Plate for Modular Panel

The plate fits the fan hole in the Modular Hard Panel blower door system, or can be attached to the end of a 24” flex duct. Knowing the size of the hole in the plate, the tester can run the fan, and measure the hole flow.  Comparing the result will indicate if the system is within parameters, and can give an indication when the system may need to be sent back to the factory for formal re-calibration.

Use this plate to simplify the field calibration check, which ensures that equipment and the technician are functioning correctly.  The plate has two easily opening holes, 50 and 144 sq in, and quickly inserts into a fan panel.  The Verification Plate can also be used to seal up the second fan panel if the second fan is not needed.

The Manual-Residential Pressure & Air Leakage  Testing includes a section on using the field verification plate to check the system.

  • Fits hole on Modular Hard Panel Door Frames for Blower door systems
  • Has several size holes for best estimate of system flow




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