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FORTRESS Solenoid Controlled Lock Body

Energising (LOK) or de-energising (LOKPL) the solenoid breaks the dual safety circuits to prevent access until machine/area is safe.

  • Ideal for machines with run-down cycles
  • LED indicators for status identification
  • Solenoid override facility for increased safety in the event of power failure (not applicable for the power to lock version)
  • Split voltage available on request
  • European, Canadian and North American approvals

AS-interface SA/CSA

Safety Data

STANDARDS EN60947-5-1:2007
Certifications CE marked for all applicable directives
Category Cat. 4, PLe (EN/ISO 13849-1) and SIL3 (EN/IEC 62061)
Functional safety data B10d 5,000,000
DC High 99% (with correct monitoring)

* use the “Functional Safety Calculator” to calculate values with varying conditions




Product types

Control / Solenoid Part N° LOK
24V AC/DC / 24V AC/DC LOK024024
110V AC / 110V AC LOK110110
230V AC / 230V AC LOK230230
Control / Solenoid Part N° LOKPL
24V AC/DC / 24V AC/DC LOK024024PL
110V AC / 110V AC LOK110110PL
AS-I “Power to unlock” LOKASI
AS-I “Power to lock” LOKASIPL


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