Fuse Base for NH Fuse Links

Fuse Base for NH Fuse Links

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Fuse Base for NH Fuse Links

PLNV fuse bases are used for knife-blade fuse links. PLNV fuse bases are available in sizes 00, 1, 2 and 3. Multipole fuse bases can be made by linking several single-pole bases with dividing partitions. Our offer also includes sockets for connecting the neutral wire and grounding. The main purpose of PLNV fuse bases is installation of NH fuses and circuit protection of equipment from the harmful effects of short circuit and overload. In case of need, instead of
NH fuse links NH separators can be installed. PLNV fuse base family is made of plastic.

Fields of use and features
Fuse base for NH fuse links are intended for use in cases where disconnecting under load is not necessary, just a protection from the harmful effects of short circuit and overload. They are suitable for use in outdoor electrical junction boxes, and public lighting, security cable branches and branches to protect the distribution of measurement cabinets.

The program PLNV includes fuse bases with sizes from 00 to 3 and is intended for mounting on mounting plate or 35mm mounting rails (size 00 only). Standard offer includes 1-pole and 3-pole version. A wide range of different cable connections, allowing great flexibility in use, is also available. Fuse bases size 00 are also available in additional versions with protective covers (to cover the fuse for achieving a degree of protection IP 20), for the larger sizes are only available covers to protect the connectors. Fuse bases type PLNV meet the requirements of the following standards:
IEC 60947,
IEC 60269,
In fuse bases size 00, NH knife-blade fuse links both size 00 and 000 (00C) can be used, while the other sizes correspond only to one size of NH fuse-link (size 1, 2, 3)

Additional information

Fuse Size

NH00, NH1, NH2, NH3, NH4, Extractor


1 Pole, 3 Pole


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