GPM/BB Feed Through Bar/Bar Terminal Block

GPM/BB Feed Through Bar/Bar Terminal Block

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GPM/BB Feed Through Bar/Bar Terminal Block

Mounting for both PR/DIN and PR/3 rails which meet IEC 60715 norms, “G32” and TH/35 types
• Nominal voltage 1000 V
• Panel mount version
• Possibility of parallel cross connection
• Available in the /BB (bar-bar), /BC (bar-cable), /CC (cablecable) versions
• Available in grey and beige
• Maximum continual operating temperature 130°C

Tightening reliability: the reliability of the connection (wire terminal or bar) is guaranteed by a screw and locking nut, with the interposition of a flat washer and an elastic washer, useful above all for countering the effects of the dynamic stresses. In the versions made ready for clamping of the conductors, without preparation. The reliability of the connection is ensured by the action and the particular wrapping shape of the clamping clip, the elastic reaction of which to the force pressing down on the conductor works as a lock under the head of the clamping screw, stopping it from loosening, even in the presence of vibrations. The conductor bar is also made with an appropriate concave seat so as to increase the grip of the conductors; in addition both the contact surface of the clamping clip and the concave part of the bar feature, along the entire length, crosswise channels that help to improve the connection characteristics, as regards both the mechanical retention of the conductors and the electrical contact, guaranteeing low contact resistances.

• Protection for the “bar” versions: this protection which in the normal installation conditions has a longitudinal position with respect to the axis of the terminal block, can easily be rotated, using a simple screwdriver (as prescribed by the safety standards). In this way it is possible to access the connection unit to be able to work on the wire terminals or on the bars;
• Protection for the “cable” versions: in this case the protection is fixed and snaps in: its development is orthogonal to the axis of the terminal block and it protects the collar, the clip and the clamping screw. It is worth noting the “shutter” device, fitted on the protection in axis to the terminal block and in line with the conductor introduction hole, which enables, with manual action in maximum conditions of safety, partial or total closing of the hole itself and consequently protection of the live parts, in the case of use of conductors with a much smaller section than the nominal one or cabling of the terminal block from only one side.

Mounting: for these power terminal blocks, owing to the notable dimensions and because they are subject to high
stresses due to the forces generated by the conductors, a new hooking system has been studied and created. This enables it to be mounted indifferently on the various types of standard mounting rail (IEC 60715). The terminal
block is unhooked simply using a screwdriver, inserted in the special slot provided in the hooking system (yellow
part). If the mounting rail itself is installed on a flat wall, the dimensions of the GPM terminal blocks make it
indispensable to use flat brackets to space the terminal board from the surface adequately. For each terminal
block of the Series the version for direct fixing to a panel (/FIX) is also available.

Marking: the GPM terminal blocks enable identification from both sides which can be done with both the CNU/8
(2 elements) and the CSC (up to 5 elements) type marking tags: the two possibilities are not alternatives, but can be

Cross-connection: on this Series of terminal blocks it is also possible to create a cross connection between 2 or 3 adjacent terminal blocks using opportune cross connections; to insert this accessory it is necessary to remove the insulating baffle pre-engraved on the side wall of the insulating body.

GPM/BB Feed Through Bar/Bar Terminal Block

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Dimensions N/A

95/BB, 150/BB, 240/BB

GPM Type

Fixed, Din Rail Mounted


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GPM/BB Feed Through Bar/Bar Terminal Block