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Insulating rods for switches disconnection

High insulating tube-rods made by polyester resin reinforced by fiberglass.

– Lengths on demand, external diameters 32 and 40 mm.
– Complete of:
–-maneuvering metallic hook;
–-insulating closing cap;
–-hand guard;
–-quick couplers are provided for the types having two or more elements.



Standard types:
P1/150 GS Length 1,5 m 1 element.
P1/200 GS Length 2 m 1 element.
P1/250 GS Length 2,5 m 1 element.
P2/250 GS Length 2,5 m 2 elements.
P1/300 GS Length 3 m 1 element.
P2/300 GS Length 3 m 2 elements.
Upon demand supplied with tube type PE – PV – PVR.

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