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Intermediate MCB lockout kit

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This circuit breaker/isolator lockout kit is ideal for electricians and engineers who regularly work on various applications where power is isolated via circuit breakers or electrical
isolators. Designed for use in today’s industrial applications this kit includes twelve different types of breaker lockouts.

The Kit contains;
Two TT38 Red safety padlock
MLH1 lockout hasp
CB01 Single pole (recessed hole) breaker lockout
CB02 Double pole (cross bar) breaker lockout
CB03 Single Pole (recessed hole) breaker lockout
CB04 Double (cross bar) breaker lockout
CB05 MCB lockout ‐ inside prongs
CB06 MCB lockout ‐ outside prongs
CB07 MCB lockout ‐ wide inside prongs
CB08 Adjustable thumb wheel lockout
CB09 ‘no hole’ circuit breaker lockout
CB12 Toggle lockout
CB16 ‘no tool’ circuit breaker lockout
CB12 Toggle lockout
UCL1 Universal MCCB lockout
10 x RPT29AR Reusable Safety Tags
Supplied in Strong Canvas waist bag




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