KVT-ER split cable gland for cables with connectors

KVT-ER split cable gland for cables with connectors

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KVT-ER split cable gland for cables with connectors, M25 – M63 / IP66 / IP68 / UL Type 12/4X

KVT-ER are split cable glands for routing and sealing cables with connectors, with diameters from 1 to 16 mm (KT 1 – 15) and 16 to 35 mm (KT 16 – 34). But also electric, pneumatic or hydraulic lines without terminals or connectors as well as corrugated conduits can be easily routed (e.g. into control panels, enclosures or machinery), sealed and strain relieved acc. to EN 62444.

The KVT-ER sizes are based on metric standard cut-outs M25, M32, M50 and M63. Hexagonal locknuts are included in the shipment. For assembly, we recommend to tighten the cover lid screws with max. 2 Nm.

Due to the injected gasket and if single-hole grommets are used, the KVT-ER provides certified protection ratings IP66/IP68 and UL type 12 & 4X.


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KVT-ER split cable gland