LSE315FS Circuit Breaker Lockout Station

LSE315FS Circuit Breaker Lockout Station



Comprehensive range of Circuit Breaker Lockout devices mounted on a purpose made ‘shadow board’ for ease of management

Complete with the following:


  • 4 x TT38RED Padlocks
  • 2 x MLH7 Lockout hasps
  • 2 x CB05 MCB Lockouts
  • 2 x CB06 MCB Lockouts
  • 2 x CB07 MCB Lockouts
  • 2 x CB08 MCB Lockouts
  • 6 x CB12 MCB Lockouts
  • 2 x CB17 MCB Lockouts
  • 2 x UCL1 MCB Lockouts
  • 2 x UCL2 MCB Lockouts
  • 2 x UCL5 MCCB Lockouts
  • 3 x LSE10T Packs of 10 Tags

Size: 540mm H x 44mm W



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