Cubic Metal Modular Enclosure System

Cubic Metal Modular Enclosure System

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Cubic Metal Modular Enclosure System – Cu-mini is CUBICs innovative and competitive series of small distribution boards for DIN rails primarily used in private homes. A distribution board in private homes are often also referred to as a consumer unit.

The panel is made in the well-known CUBIC quality with light grey lacquered steel plates and a wide range of accessories comprising various types of locking devices and mounting plates.

The panel consists of a rear frame and a front frame, which ensure a simple and prompt assembly, both regarding components, wires and cables.

The panel is stocked in 15 different sizes with room for between 32 and 256 DIN modules, each of 18 mm.

CUBIC has together with panel builders and electricians, optimized Cu-mini to include management of intelligent installations. In contrast to traditional building installation, intelligent building installations require far more cables. With a Cu-mini consumer unit this is of no concern.

Advantages with a consumer unit made with Cu-mini (Cubic Metal Modular Enclosure System)

  • Extremely easy to assemble
  • 128 mm distance between din rails
  • Depth 165 mm
  • Suspension key holes
  • Separate covering plates
  • Flange opening in top and bottom in the entire width gives plenty of available space for incoming and outgoing cable
  • Top and bottom collars in plastics to be clicked on without screws for easy establishment of cable access/cutting out
  • Depth split in two, gives simple and fast mounting.
  • Class II incoming section can be built in.
  • Meter insert can be built in
  • Stable construction.
  • Rear frames can be assembled side by side as BSS is assembled with US rivets.
  • Meets the demands of IEC/EN 61439-1/3.
  • No need for drilling or sawing as side casting pieces are prepared
  • Casting pieces are designed for standard DIN 12 cable entry
  • Direct meter measuring is an accessory item to CU-mini

Cu-mini is supplied partly assembled in a cardboard box as flat pack. This ensures easy stocking and fast delivery.

Earths and Neutrals Sold Separately

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Metal Modular Enclosure System