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Short circuiting and grounding equipment for electric cabins and MV installations with contact clamps for ball fixed points.

– 3 Screw type contact clamps made by press forged brass.
Clamping capacity for round earth points 20-25 mm diameter (to be indicated) – round conductors and flat bars up to 22 mm.
– 3 Short circuit extraflexible electrolytic copper cables, covered by transparent plastic sheath each
length 0,75 m (different lengths on demand).
– Central trifurcating connector.
– Ground cable, characteristics as above, length 2 m (different lengths on demand).


– Ground clamp made by press forged brass, clamping capacity up to 22 mm.
– Insulating fiberglass rod type P2/135EF made by polyester resin reinforced by fiberglass (type PE2/135 EF made by epoxy resin reinforced by fiberglass for certified types), length 1,35 m in two elements with quick coupler.
– Metallic case.
Standard type:
MT/PF – section of the cables 25 mm2 ➥ Short circuit test 13,77 kA / 0,25 s.
Certified types in conformity with the International Standard CEI EN 61230 (IEC 1230):
MT/PF-50 – section of the cables 50 mm2 ➥ Short circuit test 12,4 kA / 1 s.
MT/PF-95 – section of the cables 95 mm2 ➥ Short circuit test 24 kA / 0,5 s.

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