NH1/R Fuses Semi Conductor Protection “R” 690 Volt

NH1/R Fuses Semi Conductor Protection “R” 690 Volt

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NH1/R Fuses Semi Conductor Protection “R” 690 Volt

NV/NH KOMBI advantages
ETI is introducing a new generation of low-voltage fuse-links from size NV00C up to NV3 with new, dual indication of fuse-link operation, called KOMBI. The indicator is easily visible on the top and centre of the fuse-link, whether it is situated in a standard fuse base or vertical fuse rail or in fuse-switch disconnector.
The most important advantages of NV/NH KOMBI fuse-links:

High breaking capacity, 120 kA (400 V gG – except NV00C and NV00CI, and 500 V gG) and 100 kA (400 V gG NV00C and NV00CI, 690 V gG, 400 V gTR, 400 V gF and 690 V aM)
Rated voltages: 400 V a.c., 500 V a.c., 690 V a.c.
Two versions of covers: aluminium, when the removal tag is under voltage and plastic, when insulated metal
removal tag is incorporated into the plastic cover
VDE certificates and CCA/CB test reports

General about NV/NH fuse-links
Their dimensions correspond with DIN 43620, other technical characteristics correspond with the requirements of the following standards:
Rated voltage 400V/500V/ IEC 60269-1:2005 / EN 60269-1:1998+A1:2005 IEC 60269-2:1986+Corr.1:
690V/gG: 1996+A11995+A2:2001 / EN 60269-2:1995+A1:1998+A2:2002 IEC 60269-2-1:2004 / HD 60269-2-1:2005
Rated voltage 690V/aM: VDE 0636-2011
Rated voltage 400V/gF: PN-IEC 60269-2
Rated voltage 400V/gTr: VDE 0636-2011

Short description of constituent parts for NV/NH fuse-links
The body of the fuse-link is made of quality steatite which is highly resistant against temperature overloads.
In the inner part of the steatite body there is a copper melting element which is welded on a specially shaped inner
part of the contact knife by spot welding. By careful shaping of this part we achieved that during assembly the melting element is placed exactly into the middle of the inner place. The remaining inside place of the ceramic body is filled up with precisely determined granulation and chemical structure quartz sand. All contact knives are additionally protected with a layer of silver or on special order of nickel. On the base of cyclic tests we have proved that the fusing characteristics are very stable and the tolerance on the current axis can be up to ± 10%.

NH1/R Fuses Semi Conductor Protection “R” 690 Volt

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