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Power Executive – Text Technology

Power Executive – Text Technology

The Power Executive is an innovative, low cost, and intelligent SMS switch that enables you to remotely control and monitor electrical Appliances with text messages from any mobile phone. Whether for a primary residence, a holiday home, an apartment or business property, the Power Executive is an inexpensive and easy to implement solution to most wireless control and monitor needs.


  • Multiple applications in the home and industrial environments
  • SMS Control and Monitor of Appliances including Heating Systems, Immersion, Air Conditioning, Lighting and Pumps, Electrical Access
  • Easy to use dedicated SMS command words to switch and monitor Appliances
  • Includes SMS Timers for automated control scheduling, fully manageable under SMS
  • ‘RING’ activate appliances at no cost as the incoming call is unanswered
  • Easily connected to third party sensors and actuators, including motion sensors, shock sensors, door sensors, thermostats, etc
  • Receive SMS Alerts on faulty User Appliances, Mains Power interruptions and Sensor activations
  • Query and/or modify settings at any time
  • Compact and portable
  • Plug and play, simple to use
  • Wall mount option

Instant SMS Control and Monitor
Truly portable, feature packed and easy to operate, the Power Executive is up and running within a few minutes. Simply plug its extension plug into any convenient power socket. Then plug the Appliance you wish to control into the front panel 3-pin socket and you are ready to go. Smart Home technology couldn’t be easier!
SMS Convenience – Switch Appliances only when you want to
Typically used to control heating and lighting Appliances, the Power Executive is suited to a wide range of control and monitor applications.  Once connected, send an SMS message to switch the Appliance under control ON or OFF.
Using the SMS TIMER – Automated Switching
Let the Power Executive’s internal TIMER automatically switch the Appliance for you. The TIMER may be enabled or disabled with an SMS; its multiple ON/OFF entries may be changed at any time with an SMS; its ON/OFF schedule is accurately maintained during a mains power failure, and it offers the added convenience of unattended ON/OFF Appliance switching.
SMS Commands – Dedicated Words
SMS command words are versatile, simple to use, and may be combined in one SMS message. For example, turn the Appliance ON; set an OUTPUT contact; request the status of the INPUT devices, and lock the front panel keypad – all from one SMS text message.
Power Consumption Energy Savings and Cost Reductions The Appliance’s power consumption may be monitored at any time with one SMS. Aware of what power the Appliance under control is consuming, combined with the convenience of SMS ON/OFF control and TIMER operation, you now have a means to remotely manage the Appliance so as to reduce energy consumption and make cost savings.
SMS Alerts – Appliance, Mains Power and Input Signals
SMS alert options may be enabled to issue automatic SMS notification to selected mobile  numbers should specific events occur:
Appliance Alerts: SMS notification takes place if the Appliance under control becomes faulty.  While the capability of SMS Appliance switching offers convenience, knowing that the Appliance is truly working is a reassuring bonus. Appliance Alerts also include SMS notification if the Appliance is manually switched from the Power Executive’s front panel keypad. Of course, keypad operation could be prevented by enabling the keypad lock.
Mains Power Alerts:SMS alerts are sent when Mains Power failures and/or recoveries occur. Electrical appliances including heating, lighting, cooling, fridges, etc cease to operate during mains failures. Knowing when a power failure occurs offers the opportunity to take immediate corrective action when needed
Sensor Alerts:SMS notification also takes place when external actuators connected to the INPUT signal interface are activated. Actuators could include any of several types such as smoke detectors, temperature sensors, motion sensors, etc.
SMS Security – New and Existing Easily connected to a motion sensor (PIR), the Power Executive offers a simple to install SMS alarm system that is particularly suited to private residences, apartments, garages, offices and holiday homes. If triggered an SMS alarm alert is automatically sent to one or more predetermined mobile numbers. Where an alarm system already exists, connect to the Power Executive and you will receive SMS alerts should the alarm be activated. And for additional security purposes, use the Power Executive to control a lighting Appliance to create a ‘lived-in’ impression that will further act as an anti-theft deterrent.
Additional Appliances – Sensors and Actuators
The Power Executive contains a general purpose INPUT/OUPUT signal interface that may be connected to third party actuators and sensors. This interface allows the control and monitor of several different types of standalone devices that include heating, lighting, cooling, pumps, fans, etc. Monitor includes both SMS status requesting at any time and also automatic alert notification. Control includes both SMS control at any time and also automatic event response.
Automatic Event Response – Appliance, Mains and Inputs

SMS alerts are optional responses to events such as an Appliance Fault, Mains Power interruptions and INPUT signal actuations. In addition, several other programmable automated response options exist. For example, the Power Executive may be programmed to respond to a Mains Power return by sending an SMS alert, switching an Appliance ON and switching an OUTPUT connection OFF. Similarly, the response to an Appliance Fault could be to send an SMS alert and also to switch a suitably connected OUTPUT so as to turn a secondary backup Appliance ON, etc. 

If you would like a demonstration of the Power Executive Please do not hesitate to contact our Marketing Department for details.

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