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Retrotec 301F Small Fire

For those who want to test small enclosures and don’t want to invest a lot in larger equipment, this system could be ideal for you. Small enough to transport on a plane to test in remote places. Uses the DM32 (WiFi optional), a leading industry standard touchscreen mamometer.Test for hold times in flooded volumes up to 4,000 cu ft (120 m3) for Inert agents and 8,000 cu ft (240 m3) for halocarbon chemical agents.

Testing pressure relief vents will require more power however. This system will test the venting for a volume up to only 1,000 cu ft (40 m3) for Inert agents.

Request literature on all of Retrotec systems to determine the size of enclosures that can be tested with each system.

All Retrotec systems include tech support from Retrotec who originated the idea of Enclosure Integrity testing in 1984. They promoted it within NFPA and in 1986 wrote the first Enclosure Integrity standard. Retrotec has been the lead researcher for enclosure testing ever since.  Every major clean agent system manufacturer worldwide relies on Retrotec’s expertise for both hold time and peak pressure predictions.




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