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Retrotec 4211 Super Pressure

The Model 4211 Duct Tester System has two Model 6000 Calibrated Fans running in series but in opposite directions. Used primarily as a duct tester it can also be engaged to test larger enclosures when you add a Large Door Frame and high pressure cloth.

This is truly a monster. Wear ear plugs. It runs two 1.5 hp fans in the contra mode where the fans are in series but create flow with contra rotating blades evolving in opposite directions. House testing fans fall off dramatically at 100 Pa and only blow about 100 CFM at 500 Pa whereas this monster puts out 5,000 CFM at that pressure. Ideal for research projects where high flow at high pressure is needed for testing building components such as wall sections, mockup, roofs, doors, windows or pressure vents. ISO standards where testing in both directions is required at 300 Pa is ideal for this Series.

The Model 4211 comes standard with the DM32 which is more advanced than any competitive gauge and ideal when running the 4211 manually or fully automatically using a computer and the optional FanTestic Software. When test fans are separated by large distances, the DM32 can be connected via Ethernet cable and can transmit data over the Internet. If cables are too much of a hassle, you can upgrade to the DM32 WiFi, which allows data connectivity wirelessly over short distances.

You may also run automatic data logging from multiple fans, and remote gauge control from a laptop. With our new 5 year recommended calibration interval on the DM32, you will have the peace of mind knowing that yearly calibrations are a thing of the past.




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