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RETROTEC 5101 Classic blower door system

This complete Blower Door Air Leakage Test system is all you need to begin air tightness testing of buildings. RETROTEC 1211 Double Classic blower door system with two fans that you can run simultaneously, has everything you need to easily test larger or leakier buildings. With a ¾ horsepower motor, the included 2 x Model 1000 Calibrated Fans produce up to 12,600 CFM, making it more than capable of measuring air leakage in both small to medium sized commercial or multi-family buildings.

The RETROTEC 1211 Double Classic blower door system with Large Cloth Panel performs fully automatic testing using the gauge, a laptop and the provided Fan Testic software. Alternatively, simply key the desired test pressure into the gauge and read Air Changes or leakage per unit area in real time directly from the touchscreen gauge; a unique Retrotec feature. The gauge also offers an onboard “Set-and-Forget” control of enclosure pressure. All you need to do is choose your desired pressure, and then let the gauge do the rest.  As you seal the leaks in your enclosure and the leakage rate decreases, the system automatically and instantly readjusts the fan to keep the enclosure at the correct pressure.

Software provided with the DM32 gauge provides automatic data logging, and remote gauge control from a laptop. With our new 5 year calibration schedule on the DM32, you will have the peace of mind knowing that yearly calibrations are a thing of the past.

The included Large Aluminium Frame Cloth Door Panel comes in a rugged carrying case complete with a custom designed cloth that can hold two fans in one aluminium frame, industrial strength Velcro straps to hold the fans securely and numbered aluminium frame pieces that make set up quick and easy. The larger aluminium frame also accommodates those enclosures that have larger than standard doorways.

Retrotec provides an industry leading warranty for the entire system, including up to 10 years on some parts.




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