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RETROTEC 6121 Pro HI POWER blower door KIT

With a sleek and professional appearance, the 6120 Series Blower Doors boast a powerful, 1.5 hp Model 6000 calibrated fan capable of up to 8500 CFM output, as well as a professional, modular hard-panel for the door frame which adjusts to fit a wide variety of door sizes, and a touch screen DM32 gauge. This is a high output air leakage test system ideal for testing large residential homes and some commercial buildings with a single fan, since the modular Hard Panel is great for rapid set up in larger doorways.

The modular Hard Panel comes in a rugged carrying case and has an industrial strength Velcro strap to hold the fan securely.

With the fan installed in the door panel, the 6120 Series Blower Door perform fully automatic testing using the gauge, a laptop and the provided FanTestic software.  Alternatively, simply key the desired test pressure into the gauge and read “Air Changes” or “leakage per unit area” in real time directly from the touch screen gauge; a unique and highly sought after Retrotec feature. The gauge also offers an on-board “Set-and-Forget” control of building pressure. All you need to do is choose your desired pressure, and then let the gauge do the rest. As you seal the leaks in your enclosure and the leakage rate decreases, the gauge automatically and instantly adjusts the fan speed to keep the enclosure at the correct pressure.

Software provided with the DM32 touchscreen gauge provides automatic data logging, and remote gauge control from a laptop. With our new 5 year recommended calibration interval on the DM32, you will have the peace of mind knowing that yearly calibrations are a thing of the past.

Calibrated range configurations allow one fan to test a wide range of enclosures, from super leaky to super tight.  This high output fan includes 9 flow ranges to provide accurate results over the widest range of enclosure volumes.  All Retrotec fans are made with extremely durable space-age hard plastic foam, which makes them both lightweight and tough.  They are also easily reversible:  to switch from pressurizing to de pressurizing your enclosure, simply flip the fan around in its panel.




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