RPT29 Reusable Lockout Tags Do Not Operate

RPT29 Reusable Lockout Tags Do Not Operate



These highly visible safety tags aid the safe running and maintenance of site machinery. Each tag is manufactured from high impact styrene ensuring it will withstand a multitude of weather and factory conditions.

These tags can be filed with the permit as a long term record of the work. We advise these tags are best used with a non-permanent water based ink pen (RWPT01 recommended) and this will give a good operational life. An oil-based permanent marker pen (RWPT02) will allow for good identification but will only work well for a single use.

110mm x 50mm (Pack of Ten) RPT29AR

200mm x 100mm (Single Tag) RPT29BR

145mm x 80mm (Pack of Ten) LSE10T


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