Substation Rescue Kit

Substation Rescue Kit

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Substation Rescue Kit

  • Nylon suitcase with 30 % of fiber glass.
  • Trolley type with extensible handle and wheels for transport.
  • Certified water-proof: IP67
  • Dimensions: 687 x 528 x 376 mm.

Kit Contents:

Voltage detector RMT1030 Electronic capacitive detector o voltage presence/absence on MV lines and installations by visual and acoustic signals, range 10 ÷ 36 kV
Safety hook Steel hook covered by plastic sheath.
Insulating Rod P3/150EF-TEL Insulating telescopic rod in three elements, extended length 1.5 m
Dielectric Gloves GI 30 CLASS 3 Maximum voltage use 26500 V. Dielectric gloves with case certified Personal Protection Equipment. in compliance with the International Standard IEC 60903.
Dielectric Boots TD20 Resistant dielectric boots up to 20 kV certified EN ISO 20345
Insulating Carpet WI3/100-0,6 Insulating carpet in compliance with the IEC 61111 CLASS 3 dimensions 100×60 cm. Maximum operating voltage 26500 V
Insulating Cable Cutter WI/TRC Insulating Shears for cable cutting with handles in epoxy resin reinforced by fiberglass
  • Delimitation tape
  • Talc
  • Instructions


Alternative versions
WIRSB-CL4 Compact and portable substation rescue kit for safety works from electric risks CLASS 4 for tensions up to 36 kV
Variants compared to type WIRSB-CL3:

  • Dielectric gloves GI 40 CLASS 4 Maximum voltage use 36000 V.
  • WI6/100-0,6 Insulating mat conform to the IEC 61111 CLASS 4 Maximum operating voltage 36000 V


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