System 1000 Lightning Protection System

System 1000 Lightning Protection System

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System 1000 Lightning Protection

nVent is a trusted world leader for providing high-quality grounding solutions, lightning protection and surge protection technologies. By recognising the importance of an integrated lightning protection strategy, nVent has incorporated several major concepts into a Six Point Plan of Protection:
1. Capture the lightning strike
2. Convey this energy to ground
3. Dissipate energy into the grounding system
4. Bond all ground points together
5. Protect incoming AC power feeders
6. Protect low voltage data/telecommunications circuits

nVent operates in every region of the world and supports the global market with an extensive distribution network, helping to ensure that nVent products and expertise are available for any project, regardless of size or location. Dedicated consulting teams assess the requirements of any project and provide guidance for optimal lightning protection solutions. An unparalleled level of engineering support and experience is involved in the development of grounding, lightning protection and surge protection products. nVent has developed specialised design software to integrate all aspects affecting system performance, including local conditions, to help ensure that requirements of relevant standards are met or exceeded. nVent’s products are manufactured to ISO® 9001:2008 and are subjected to rigorous field and laboratory testing and computer modelling during product development. The products are supported by test reports, technical papers, literature and installation instructions.

nVent offers three versions of the nVent ERICO Early Streamer Emission (ESE) i-Series air terminals:

  • SI25i with a triggering advance of 25 μs
  • SI40i with a triggering advance of 40 μs
  • SI60i with a triggering advance of 60 μs

These Early Streamer Emission Air Terminals (ESEAT) are in accordance with the 2011 edition of NFC 17-102.
The design requirements, protection level calculations and protection radius are obtained from this standard.

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