System 2000 Lightning Protection System

System 2000 Lightning Protection System

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System 2000 Lightning Protection System –

Lightning protection, grounding, equipotential bonding and surge protection are all interdependent disciplines and the focus of the nVent ERICO brand of facility electrical protection products. Reliable protection of structures, industrial and commercial operations and personnel demands a systematic and comprehensive approach to minimizing threats caused by transients. For instance, no air terminal can safely capture and arrest the lightning energy without a dependable route to ground. Equally, even the most expensive Surge Protection Device (SPD) will not provide optimum protection if a low impedance electrical connection to the ground is not present. Additionally, a low-impedance ground system may create hazards to equipment and personnel alike if equipotential bonding practices are not followed. These interdependent disciplines are best applied when looking at a total facility rather than an individual piece of equipment or a portion of the facility.
The nVent team of qualified applications engineers is here to help with such problems. Since no single technology can eliminate the harmful effects of lightning or induced-surge transients, nVent has developed the Six Point Plan of Protection. The concept behind this plan is to prompt the user to consider a holistic and coordinated approach to lightning protection that embraces all aspects of potential damage. This ranges from the more obvious direct strike to the more subtle mechanisms of differential earth potential rises and voltage reduction at service entry points.

The Six Interdependent Disciplines that form the System 2000 Lightning Protection System are:
1. Capture the lightning strike
2. Convey this energy to ground
3. Dissipate the energy into the grounding system
4. Bond all ground points together
5. Protect incoming AC power feeders
6. Protect low-voltage data/telecommunications circuits


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1.5mm Copper Air Terminal, 25 x 3 mm Uninsulated copper tape, 25 x 3mm Insulated copper tape, B-Bond Clamp, Base for Air Terminal, Concrete earth pit, Copperbonded Earth Rod 5/8 x 1200mm Extendable 14.2mm Thread, Coupler for Threaded Earth Rod, Denso Tape, Driving Stud, Plastic Clip for 25 x 3mm tape, Rod to Tape Clamp, Square Tape Clamp 25 x 3 mm, Test Clamp


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