Transparent Polymer IR Window CAP CT PDS Series

Transparent Polymer IR Window CAP CT PDS Series

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Transparent Polymer IR Window CAP CT PDS Series

The CAP-CT-PDS Series

The Most Versatile & Reliable IR, Ultrasound & Partial Discharge Inspection Window

Transparent Polymer IR Window CAP CT PDS Series. The industrial-grade reinforced CAPCT-PDS is a revolutionary inspection window. It combines the power of Thermal imaging, Visual, UV, Ultrasound and Partial Discharge inspections. Industrial applications require solutions that meet numerous criteria where safety and performance are of the upmost importance. The exclusive pharmaceutical-grade reinforced polymer system allows any thermography camera to monitor completely undisturbed assets inside energized electrical equipment in the visual, UV and shortwave, midwave and longwave IR spectrums.


Unparalleled Field of View

Unlike the round infrared windows the large format IRISS CAP series and custom infrared windows have a far superior field of view. The CAP-CT-24 series has over 6 times the FOV of a 4 inch diameter round window which give the thermographer the ability of infinite viewing angles inside the switchgear. Reducing the number of infrared windows needed typically reduces the cost of the installation and product purchases required by over 50%.

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Viewing Window

12", 18", 24", 4", 6"


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