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Vent Cap HOME pack

Seal registers without tape and plastic!  The Vent Cap Total Home Pack lets you seal HVAC registers quickly and without mess before your duct or house test.  An essential addition to your air duct leakage testing equipment, Vent cap systems replace the cumbersome and expensive plastic register sealing films, and can be placed and removed without a ladder!

Vent Cap Systems can be set by hand or at a distance.  They have a non-marring plastic hook specially designed to fit between the louvers of a register.  Inserted, the hook is turned 90 degrees and is set.  Simply pull the cord through the mounted, spring-loaded fastener and the box’s soft foam gasket seals safely around the entire vent, not just the face of it.  This provides a superior seal – safely – against heavily textured ceilings and even popcorn.  To remove, simply apply pressure to the button releasing the cord.  Slide the box down the cord, and remove the hook.

Each “Single” Vent Cap features a nipple to attach 1/4″ tubing for testing pressure differential.

The Remote Attachment Tool (RAT) is specially designed to allow you to set and remove Vent Caps at a distance.  Threaded to attach to any length painter’s pole or mop handle.  Leave the ladder at home and easily seal registers with no tape and no ladder.

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