F72 Fuse Unit Cut Out

F72 Fuse Unit Cut Out

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F72 Fuse Unit Cut Out – Designed to accept BS88 offset-tag fuse links up to 32A (fixing centres 38.5mm x
9.5mm). Cam-lever operation on fuse cover for ease of access. Supply cables fully
shrouded, even after fuse cover removed. Double pole, single fuse unit. 4 Way internal
earth block – suitable for up to 6mm2 cable(s). Lead / lag operation on fuse / neutral legs.
Lid fixing screw is captive and seated into brass insert. Captive wood screws supplied for
backboard fixing. Other configurations are available including an F072-T fuse unit which
comes pre-wired with 2.5mm x 350mm Brown / Brown and Blue / Blue twin insulated
cables, 1x350mm, 1x480mm and 1x1000mm 6mm2 Green / Yellow twin insulated cables.


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F72 Fused Cut Out Unit