Important Update on SHT/UVT Terminals Modification

Change Overview:

  • Affected products that needs the most attention
100547SHT3111 110V-415V AC/110V-130V DC
100548SHT3111 48V AC/DC
100549SHT3111 12-24V AC/DC
100552UVT3101 220-240V AC
100553UVT3101 48V AC/DC
100554UVT3110 220-240V AC
100555UVT3110 48V AC/DC
  • Terminal Modification – UVT 31 and SHT 31: The terminals for UVT 31 and SHT 31 have been also reconfigured. Moving power terminals from top to bottom. This does not pose any risk of damaging goods for there is no risk of mistaking power terminals and auxiliary terminals. Which means, that this is purely informative and as such, no sticker on the box has been applied.
100544SHT31 110V-415V AC/110V-130V DC
100545SHT31 48V AC/DC
100546SHT31 12-24V AC/DC
100550UVT31 220-240V AC
100551UVT31 48V AC/DC

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