nVent ERIFLEX FleXbus

nVent ERIFLEX FleXbus System

CONNECT AND PROTECT: Easy-to-install Flexible Power Connection Solution from 500 A to 6300 A

nVent, a leading global provider of electrical connection and protection solutions has launched a new product in the nVent ERIFLEX range – nVent ERIFLEX FleXbus, an innovative and patented connection solution between two pieces of electrical equipment. Designed to increase efficiency and safety in electrical installation, nVent ERIFLEX FleXbus will offer savings on the overall installation time while reducing total installation cost.

The easy-to-install, flexible power connection solution is capable of applications demanding 500 A to 6300 A and is designed as an ideal alternative to using multiple heavy busbar conductors or traditional cables. nVent ERIFLEX FleXbus is a complete low-voltage power connection system for multiple applications, such as from transformers to switchgears, interconnection between transformers or switchgear connections and with enhanced flexibility. nVent ERIFLEX FleXbus can be installed in tighter locations due to its extreme flexibility or where more demanding tolerances are needed.

Among other key benefits, nVent ERIFLEX FleXbus is paired with nVent ERIFLEX Advanced Technology, meaning greater safety both for individuals and infrastructure and reduced environmental impact. High temperature resistance conductor connections up to 115oC, coupled with low smoke, halogen-free & flame-retardant properties, reduces the potential for toxic smoke, limits the spread of fire and is IEC certified worldwide, making it a safer solution. It also offers quick and easy installation with no need for specialist installers or expensive tools.

“In the midst of electrification of everything, e-mobility and energy storage, we are excited to bring the nVent ERIFLEX FleXbus solution to the market,” said Matt Flemming, nVent ERIFLEX General Manager and Vice President. “This unique solution solves challenges for connecting transformers, switchboards, generators and large uninterrupted power supplies by enabling safe, easy and convenient late stage modification, and continues our promise to develop products that enable more efficient installation while reducing total project costs. This product will deliver significant value for our customers and positions us well for dynamic growth in the low voltage electrical space as we watch the increasing need for safe and reliable delivery of electricity in critical applications.”

Frédéric Bizet, nVent ERIFLEX Product Manager, added: “The nVent ERIFLEX FleXbus solution allows contractors to save time installing critical low voltage hardware when the power demand is between 500 A to 6300 A. This new product line has advantages over competitive solutions that specify cable and lugs or busduct as it is able to be customised on the jobsite and has no bend radius restrictions, saving space. nVent ERIFLEX FleXbus provides benefits for system planning and engineering, as well. Engineers can now plan to use one or two conductors per phase compared to multiple conductors per phase with alternative solutions and the conductors are coated with nVent ERIFLEX Advanced Technology, meaning users can count on low smoke, halogen free and flame retardant performance for critical connections between transformers, switchboards, generators or large uninterrupted power supplies. Our initial testing has shown that all of these innovations provide our customers up to 50% quicker installation and 20% reduction in total installed cost.”

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