OP-SBWF03 Wi-Fi Socket Box Timer

OP-SBWF03 Wi-Fi Socket Box Timer



OP-SBWF03 Wi-Fi Socket Box Timer

The OP-SBWF03 is a WiFi Socket Box Time Switch with three 230V AC 50Hz normally open switched outputs. Remotely programmable via the user’s home WiFi hub and a smartphone app. Via the app, it can be programmed for a timed switching sequence on a 24 hour or 7-day basis. It controls three independent 230V switched outputs with a resistive rating of 5 amperes per channel.

There are three manual override buttons on the device, or it can be manually overridden via the app, whether the user is in wifi range, or remotely if the smartphone has a data signal.

Additional WiFi switches can be added to the system. A standard WiFi router has the capacity for up to 15 devices. Devices can be grouped, and work with either Amazon Alexa or Google home. Security is military grade A.E.S. encryption, with dynamic key allocation and an https encrypted channel.

Features of OP-SBWF03 Wi-Fi Socket Box Timer:

  • General Purpose Timeswitch
  • Designed To Mount Directly Over A Single Pattress
  • 24 Hour / 7 Day Programming
  • Day Group Programming
  • Timed On/Off
  • Override On/Off Buttons
  • 15 On/off Programmes shared between channels
  • 3 normally open 230V AC 50Hz switched outputs
  • Minimum Setting 1 Minute
  • Max load: 15 Amp Resistive (5 Amps per channel)
  • Wlan 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz
  • Security: A.E.S. Dynamic Key
  • Not Suitable For Discharge Or Led Lighting Without A Contactor


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