SCB6 Disconnect Screw Terminal Block

SCB6 Disconnect Screw Terminal Block

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SCB6 Disconnect Screw Terminal Block

Drop link terminals are normally used in conjunction with Current Transformers. For each CT the following components are required.

2 x SCB.6
1 x SCB/6/PT
1 x SCB/6/PO/2
2 x SCB/6/CPM

In SCB6 Disconnect Screw Terminal Block, the use of special cross-connections, formed by allow the simultaneous earth connection of the current transformers connected to the terminal blocks themselves, guaranteeing the correct operational sequence. In fact such cross connections, in opened position, avoid the translation on the slide links, already connected in an accident prevention position from the outside; they do not require the insertion of further
partitions to separate them from other adjoining cross connections or terminal blocks, due to the special shape
of the insulating body of the terminal block itself. SCB.6 type terminal blocks have also the possibility to house, upstream and downstream the disconnection, sockets for test plugs, suitable for the withdraw of signals.

In particular the shunts can take place:
• On SCB/CPM shunting screws of the short-circuit plates
• On PSD/P socket to be screwed directly into the conducting body of the terminal block, in order to perform the shunting function.

The slide-link is formed by two guides, held together by a screw inserted in a glass-shape collar, which allows the
elastic blocking and the anti-loosening of the slide-link and is provided with a red protective colouring for the easy
positioning of the screwdriver during the disconnection and the easy spotting of the slide-link itself.

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Terminal, End Section, Cross Connection Link 2 Terminals, Cross Connection Link 4 Terminals, Sleeve For Short Circuit Plate, Permanent Cross Section, Common Bar, Shunt/Screw


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SCB6 Disconnect Screw Terminal Block